Clinical Publications


Isolaz Bibliography
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Peer Reviewed Articles

Photopneumatic Technology For The Treatment Of Acne Vulgaris
Ava T. Shamban,MD
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White Papers

Photopneumatic (PPx) Pore-Cleansing-Acne- Treatment™: A Breakthrough Treatment Option for Non-Responders to Acne Therapies
Ava T. Shamban,MD
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Profusion Skin Therapy - A novel combination of light with topical delivery for enhanced clinical outcomes on acne and skin rejuvenation
Vic Narurkar, MD; Robert Anderson, PhD; Sarvenaz Zand, MD; Aesthera Corporation
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Other Publications

Isolaz offers fast-acting and painless treatment for all types of acne.
Michael Gold, MD; Nissan Pilest, MD - The Aesthetic Guide
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Intense Pulsed Light Systems: Isolaz® system; CLARO™
Ava T. Shamban, MD - Solta Medical, Inc.
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