Profusion Infusion

Many acne sufferers turn to over-the-counter products or even prescription creams to find relief from acne, only to find that these topicals may not produce the results they want. With the use of Isolaz treatment, including Profusion therapy, acne sufferers can fight the root causes of acne to improve patient satisfaction.1

The Challenge of Topicals

The cells of the stratum corneum block the majority of topically applied skin care products:
       Poor depth of penetration
       Not enough topical reaches the targets
       Slow absorption times
       Distribution in the skin is uneven
Combined, these inefficiencies mean acne sufferers may endure longer treatment times, a greater amount of time before results are visible, and possibly a shorter span of product effectiveness.2 The result: unhappy and frustrated patients.

The Profusion Solution

With Isolaz Profusion therapy, topical application is enhanced.1 Profusion therapy is not only for acne sufferers. Many skin care topicals can be applied to the skin through Profusion.

How It Works

Enhanced Application of Topical Material

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