Isolaz Redefines Light-Based Acne Treatments

The Isolaz system harnesses the dual power of Photopneumatic™ energy, by combining vacuum with the proven benefits of selected broadband light, to treat acne effectively. This combined technology followed by enhanced topical application, targets the root causes of acne for reliable results.
       CLEANSE: Pneumatics (vacuum) manipulates and stretches the skin, cleansing
         the pores and removing sebaceous material.
       PURIFY: Broadband light delivers heat and light to treat the lesion, reducing oil
         production, killing bacteria and purifying the pores.
       REPLENISH: Profusion, with the help of vacuum power, gives you the ability to
         apply topicals to the cleansed skin.

The Isolaz Difference

       Efficient use of broadband light. Vacuum pulls the skin closer to the light source to
         safely and effectively deliver the energy to the target
       Mechanical pore cleansing. Vacuum helps to evacuate any sebaceous blockages
         and dislodge follicular ostia
       Topical infusion. Vacuum spreads skin cells to allow for, and assist with, the
         application of topical therapies into the intercellular spaces
       Fast, comfortable, non-systemic. The concentration of energy, IPL light and heat
         help prevent damage to the normal surrounding tissue

Mechanism of Action

Isolaz treatment includes Profusion, which enhances topical application, to improve overall treatment outcomes. See how Profusion works.

Deep Pore Purification

The below video shows how vacuum effectively cleanses your pores.

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