Isolaz ® Systems

Isolaz 2: Further Enhancing Non-Systemic Acne Treatments*

  • Optimized for acne therapy with clinically proven pre-programmed treatment settings
  • Easy to use finger tip selection on the handpiece allows you to select the appropriate treatment settings
  • Disposable, single-use tips improve ease of use
  • Large treatment tip is available for larger treatment areas such as the back
  • Small treatment tip is available for treatment areas that require precision placement such as the nose
  • Interchangeable lamps deliver specific power for individual skin types, expanding treatment possibilities and enhancing patient safety
  • Modern design improves portability, handpiece ergonomics and allows for quick
    system set-up

Isolaz System: Provides Effective Energy Delivery

  • Optimized with special filters and pulse settings to allow safe treatments on all skin, especially dark skin types
  • Different vacuum levels and pulse repetition provide flexibility for effective deep pore purification and improved treatment outcomes
  • Multiple light pulses in each vacuum cycle allow energy to accumulate in deeper layers while keeping the epidermis cool for enhanced treatment results
  • Intuitive user interface and touch screen for ease of use
  • Flexibility of using pre-programed treatment settings or using your chosen treatment settings to accommodate different level of users
  • Ergonomically designed handpiece, without any foot pedal, to reduce user fatigue and allow short treatment time


* Isolaz 2 is currently available only in the USA.